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Care and Development of Vulnerable Children

Project CHILD – Child Health Initiative Leading to Development

A health initiative undertaken by the CSA in collaboration with the Paediatric Department of JJ Hospital, with a view to providing Home Based Care and Support to HIV Positive children. Our aim is to promote and nurture an environment of love and care for children within his/ her home as against institutional care and also provide psycho- social, nutritional, recreational and educational support to these infected and affected children. 70 HIV infected children receive nutritional supplements every month from CSA during their anti-retroviral treatment (ART) at the J.J. Hospital, Mumbai.

Bal Sansad (Children’s Parliament) – enables children to develop their leadership skills as well as an opportunity to make decisions to improve the quality of their lives, thereby, developing the community.

Women’s Empowerment – Training programs are conducted and leadership skills are given to women in slums and mohallas to help them adopt a right-based approach to their development. In the last seven years about 700 women have undergone various capacity building programs and thereafter have been able to take up jobs that helped them come out of their exploitative situations and secure appropriate employment.

Good Governance – To ensure accountability in governance through a process of participative democracy, we facilitate the formation of Citizen’s groups like ALM, LACC, etc. Also, in the last three years 300 hundred slum dwellers have received various identification cards/ proof of address/ ration card documents through the efforts of CSA and its network.

Environmental Consciousness – We support initiatives for segregation, composting and recycling of solid waste, water harvesting and use of solar energy as alternative lifestyles.

Promotion of Communal Harmony – We bring people of different faiths together on a common platform for the celebration of festivals and to participate in socio-cultural events.

Emergency Response &  Disaster Relief – CSA has also reached out to several families affected by man-made and natural disasters. We provided emergency and relief materials to the victims of floods in Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir, drought stricken people in Aurangabad etc.

Medical Assistance – CSA provides financial assistance to people from the lower economic strata.

Network of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) – Through a network of CBOs, CSA runs various developmental programs to empower the poor and the marginalized in the urban areas of Mumbai and its Suburbs, and in the rural areas of Raigad district, Dharavi Island and parts of Thane and Kalyan district.