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“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot but TOGETHER we can do great things”-Mother Teresa


CSA works on empowering the marginalized and the underprivileged Women by creating  an environment where they  can make their own decisions for their  personal growth, family growth and  for the growth of the society




We along with local community based organizations have formed  groups of women. One/two group at every village depending on the number of women in that particular area. These groups come together on a  monthly basis and discuss on the issues they face at their home/ work /financial problems ETC.

The woman in the group advice and help each other to get through the difficult situations. These groups are the self help groups(SHG’S)


We facilitate regular training programmes that are provided to create awareness and also motivate the woman to be empowered  by providing them with the required knowledge. The topics/ training’s are designed according to the requirement or need of the hour. Some of the topics are mentioned below

  • Gender equality
  • Leadership
  • Food security
  • Health & Hygine
  • Cleanliness health and enviroment
  • Capacity building
  • Financial Literacy
  • Addiction

CSA creates socio  – economic empowerment by making the women aware of their rights and also enabling them  to tap various government schemes that they can benefit  from


We Facilitate income generation training  programmes to the women educating them to be self dependent, and to be an added source of earning in their homes .

Few of the training pr ogrammes that were conducted were Candle Making, Agarpatti, phenyl and soap Making, chocolate making



Due to these awareness sessions, training programmes, SHG’S and continuous support provided by CSA to the local village woman they have now  started living their lives  with a sense of self-worth, respect and dignity. They make their own choices  and continue working on having equal rights to participate in social and public activities.