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Centre For Social Action

Centre for Social Action (CSA) is a registered trust (Reg. No. E-17189), established in the year 1997 and is the Office for Social Work and Development of the Archdiocese of Bombay. Centre for Social Action is committed to bringing about holistic development to vulnerable individuals and groups and aims to integrate them into mainstream society.

Our Approach

Centre for Social Action works through a network of Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) and partner NGOs in order to accomplish its mission. We strongly believe that Communities at the grassroots should take up ownership of their development. To this effect, the Centre for Social Action and CBO staff have engaged in a process of rapport building, selecting key leaders from the community and thereafter empowering them to take up the responsibility of leading the process.


Facilitators of a just and humane society based on Love, Equality and Harmony with creation


To INITIATE, EMPOWER and SUSTAIN Non- violent, Collaborative, and Integral Development processes for vulnerable individuals and groups.