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‘Dharavi Island’ includes 6 villages comprising of Dongri, Uttan, Pali, Chowk, Gorai and Manori. These villages are inhabited predominantly by marginalized fishing communities (the Kolis), marginalized farming communities (the Kunbis) and marginalized toddy tapper communities (the Bhandaris).  In Dharavi Island,  CSA  works with the marginalized fishing and farming communities.

Centre for Social Action is working towards implementing a project titled  ‘Holistic Development of the People of Dharavi Island’

Social change and development in the lives of the people of Dharavi Island by 2020.

Mission Statement:
CSA and the people of Dharavi Island commit ourselves towards empowerment through – quality education for social transformation, enhancing local leadership, strengthening livelihood options and family life, and promoting holistic healthy communities by networking with the government and like-minded NGOs.

The Project Objectives for the next 3 years are as follows:

Human Resource Development Program:

• To develop the human resources of CSA and the CCOs to enable them to work as a team in order to implement quality programs for the people of Dharavi Island.

Women’s Development Program:

• To develop the leadership skills of 300 women from 6 CCO areas to enable them to lead their respective communities for their overall development.

• To socially and economically empower 1315 women SHG members from 115 SHGs and 1050 mahila mandal (women’s group) members from 15 mahila mandals.

Youth Development Program:

• To develop the leadership skills of 220 college going / employed youth from 6 CCO areas to enable them to lead their respective communities for their overall development.

• To develop the personality and skills of 798 kishoris (adolescent girls) from 51 kishori groups from 6 CCO areas in order to improve their quality of life.

Family Development Program:

• To improve the quality of life as well as family life of 680 senior citizens from 6 senior citizen groups from 6 CCO areas.

• To improve the quality of family life of 150 younger couples from 6 CCO areas.

Fishermen Development Program:

• To technically empower 300 fishermen from 5 CCO areas to be able to repair their own boats, save costs and improve their self-confidence.

• To develop the financial literacy skills of 180 fishermen from 13 fishermen groups to enable them to manage their financial affairs better.

Children Leadership Development Program:

• To improve the leadership qualities of 572 bal sansad (children’s parliament) children from 26 bal sansad groups.

CSA Interventions in Dharavi Island : 

Vocational Training Programs for Students / School Dropouts – skill based training programs are conducted to equip students or school dropouts to enhance their employability.

Women’s Right to Sustainable Livelihoods –The women groups in Dharavi Island prepare a variety of fish and vegetable pickles, bottle masalas and rice hand breads. Besides this they also run catering services, make candles and are involved in other income generation programs (IGPs) which helps them develop self-confidence and creates social awareness. These IGP’s groups receive continuous training to ensure that they maintain quality of their products and also improve their marketing skills.

6 Parish Centres for Community Organizations (CCOs) – Regular Capacity Building Programs conducted for the Dharavi Island and Mumbai teams.

Build awareness and improve the Quality of Education – Supplementary classes conducted for the economically and academically weak students of Gorai and Uttan.

Leadership, Social Empowerment and Development of CCOs – A series of value-based youth leadership development training sessions are conducted.