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Centre for Social Action (CSA) has completed 17 years of dedicated action and service to society. This year we have worked in close association with 31 Community Centers and have directly touched the lives of over 5500 persons. The 14 Partners from the 11 talukas in Raigad District continue to work together on enhancing the standard of education of the tribal children and network together to enable Kathkari tribals to access their rightful entitlements thus taking Community-Led Development to new heights.

The interventions in Dharavi Islands with the six Community Based Organizations of the Parishes has taken a new shape as they completed their initial pilot phase and are now set to move into a new partnership with Misereor to make some significant changes in the lives of the fisherfolk and farming communities with various target groups of vulnerable women and children. With Mumbai and Thane Community Based Organizations (CBOs) CSA continues to strengthen their organizational capacities to empower the target groups at the grassroots through the mobilization of the community, forming them into Self Help Groups and then leading them to strengthen their financial base through income generation activities.

Being a learning organization we have had many lessons to reflect on and have been making slow but sure steps in shaping the organization in terms of CSA staff being realigned. However, let me add that the dedication of the Personnel both at the Partner and CSA level have been commendable in terms of their commitment and determination to work fearlessly with the target groups.

In the coming year, we shall be looking forward to further sharpening our interventions towards achieving our target goals and further increasing our partner and resource base to ensure better coverage and impact in Thane (Dharavi Island & Kalyan), Mumbai and Raigad Districts. Thank You for your continual support and we look forward to you joining us as we journey to achieve our goals.