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And the celebration does not end .The women of Bunderpakhdi ( Kandivali) belonging to the holy cross Mahila Mandal celebrated women’s day on 9th March 2017 with the theme – ‘Addiction is more Dangerous than Poison”. Fr. Diago Pereira and Mrs. Rashmi Deepak Tawadae( Corporator) were the chief guest for the celebration

 Mrs. Shoba Bajpai from Jeevan dhara was the guest speaker. She spoke on Addiction( Drugs, Mobile and alcoholism).The entire event was planned and executed by the women along with the help of CSA staff. 200 children, woman and men were present for the celebration. The women who have never performed in front of big crowds; CONFIDENTALLY performed skits, songs and dances to convey the message ‘ addiction is more dangerous than poison’. This day gave the women the motivation to continue spreading  awarness on addiction and also continue helping local people n the village to fight aganist the use of these vices.