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Center for Social Action aims to restore the dignity of vulnerable children and bring about an equal and value based education to all through:

  • Supplementary classes
  • Bal  Sansad (children’s parliament)
  • Learning + Fun Summer Camps







We provide a support structure and  ensure the right to education therefore Supplementary  classes are conducted  for children  in villages through our network of Community Based Organizations (CBOs). Regular training programs are conducted for the teachers cum wadisevikas who make regular home visits to motivate and monitor the children’s progress in school.

Each partner CBO(Community Based Organizations )has one supervisor and the number of teachers cum wadisevikas varies depending on the number of students and villages covered by each center. In addition to the supervision of the supplementary classes, the 14 partner CBOs also conduct monthly assessments of their programs.

The project also has a provision to assist children in their schooling . We also have boarding school at the partner CBO called ‘Bhonga’ schools or brick kiln schools for the children of the migrant Kathkaris at their work sites and we  have schools for dropouts too.



The students are  organized into Balsansads (Children’s Parliament) to give them an exposure to social issues and to develop their leadership abilities.
children5.jpgCreating  Bal Sansad  groups  gives children a live experience of functioning as a parliament and helps them to develop a civic and social conscience. It  gives them an opportunity to make decisions to improve the quality of their lives thereby developing the community. Training programs round the year are held on the formation of  Bal Sansad to establish children’s groups towards development, participation and promote rights of the children. Balmelawas are organized for these children with a view to provide a platform for developing and promoting their talents


Learning + Fun Summer Camps

CSA Conducts Learning + Fun Summer Camps for vulnerable children during the months of April & May in collaboration with CBOs & Volunteers.
Besides the usual ice breakers, games and fun activities children are introduced to social themes


  • Environment-best out of waste,saving water &electricity
  • Health -hygiene & nutrition
  • Gender equality
  • Difference between good touch/bad touch
  • Respect for elders
  • Relationships
  • Safety & security
  • Motivating the children to pursue secondary and higher education
  • Civic involvement
  • Right to education
  • Importance of savings money
  • Use of Media – Print, Social
  • Building Self esteem & Self confidence
  • Communication Skills & Leadership Qualities

These are done through the use of video clippings, charts, puppets, group activities & debates

Project CHILD – Child Health Initiative Leading to Development
A health initiative undertaken by CSA in collaboration with the Pediatric Department  of JJ Hospital with a view to providing Home Based Care and Support to HIV Positive children.
70 HIV infected children receive nutritional supplements every month from CSA during their anti-retro viral treatment (ART) at the J.J. Hospital, Mumbai