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Vulnerable individuals and groups are provided domain-skills training & job placements. They are trained to make various products from raw materials that are largely sourced locally.


Enhancing Livelihoods

The Kathkari tribals are one of the most marginalized and educationally backward communities in Raigad district. They are one of the few primitive tribes existing in this country. Majority of the tribals are landless agricultural laborers. Once the cultivation season is over, they migrate to distant places as brick kiln laborers. Thousands of families migrate during Nov-Apr every year.

Migration plays a negative role in the life of women and children. Children are put out of school and are vulnerable without proper education. Child labor is also prevalent. Women are also pressed by the environment of the place of migration where their health too is at stake. The entire family endures harsh living conditions.

Centre for Social Action (CSA) works with the Kathkari communities for their socio-economic improvement. Through People-Led Development approach, various interventions are on-going in community building, education, and livelihoods. CSA mobilizes tribal men and women to come together to form Self Help Groups (SHGs). The tribal SHGs are trained in making various food products from locally sourced raw materials. Navjeevan Enterprises help market their produce. 80% of the revenue goes to the tribals and help curb migration.


Vocational Skills Development 

Youth from the economically weaker section of the society lack information on career and job opportunities that are available. Further, they have very less knowledge on the process of entering Competitive examinations, Government Jobs and even on Vocational and Technical Opportunities.

Keeping this experience and ground reality in mind, a Youth Professional Development Program has been envisaged where the youth from the economically poor, socially marginalized and academically backward background are provided domain-skills training and job placements. 

Accordingly, CSA has partnered with Retail Association of India (RAI) and Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) to provide training to the unemployed youth. These students are given proper training as per the recommended manual and taken for exposure visits so that they can get a firsthand experience of what the job entails. These training have an additional focus on the holistic development of the youth through English speaking, Personality Development, interview skills, group discussion and a host of other soft-skills that help them shape their future.