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Good Governance

To create, empower and sustain community based organizations  to promote  environment friendly practices and ensure accountability in governance through a  process of  participative democracy.


We have been consistently working on promoting accountability in governance through activation of CBOs and leading them through a process of participatory democracy as they become aware of their entitlements and stand up for their rights for e.g. women who become aware of their food security rights through the Public Distribution System being operated.



Rationing Issues in Vile Parleration  

Rationing issues in Vile Parle  – ensuring ration cards issued to unorganized sector workers (rag-pickers, domestic workers etc.) by liaising with  the Rationing Kruti Samiti (RKS). In Nehru-Nagar (Vile Parle area) our CSA staff who works with the unorganized sector workers (rag-pickers, domestic workers etc.) realized that they have no ration cards. She took this issue up with the Rationing Kruti Samiti (RKS) and met Mr.  Sanap the Rationing Officer of Vile Parle area.  Mr. Sanap  got the rationing cards issued, took action against the  Public Distribution

Shop owner, and ensured that these  poor people got their food rations before their festival.


Trainings conducted in Kolad 
Trainings  on other Government Schemes –  the Right to Education (RTE) Act, the Right to Information (RTI) Act, the Maharashtra Rural  Employment Guarantee Scheme (MREGS)   are explained thus  making people aware of their rights.

A training on the Right to Education (RTE) Act, the Right to Information (RTI) Act, the Maharashtra Rural  Employment Guarantee Scheme (MREGS)   and other Government Schemes was held on  5th July 2014 at the Institute of Social Service (ISS),  Kolad which was attended by  64 women. During the training a small clip on RTI was shown which made the women aware of their rights to get any information they required. They were also explained the process on how to seek information under the RTI. A Zilla Parishad  school teacher explained the RTE in a simple way. She enlightened the women on the rights of a child who could file a case against his / her parents for not enrolling him / her in school. The Maharashtra Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MREGS) assures that everyone has a right to get employment, while at the same time creating infrastructure for the community.  This session was conducted through interactions, memory games, questions and role play.