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United we stand, Divided we fall”, is one of the famous quotes that describes the importance of team work. A lot of children do not really know what team work is all about. They miss out on the concept of team work. Therefore CSA took this initiative to share the understanding of this concept to the children under the guidance of our CSA staff Ms. Rasika Bhandari. The resource person for the day was Mr. Aaron Pereira. 38 children from our balsansad at Pali were a part of this session and fall under the age group 11 – 15 yrs . The resource person explained the concept to the children through group activates & inspirational videos . The session ended with Q&A round.
This session enabled the children to understand the concept of team work which will help them to be motivated and positive individuals when working in a team at home, school projects, college projects and also when they start to work in the corporate world. Teamwork builds trust and trust builds speed, this in turn gives quality results which ultimately leads to success!!!