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On 17th June 2017  we launched a pilot ( Trial ) of the MIS software inaugurated by bishop Barthol Baretto. The software was developed by TCS for CSA. . Undoubtedly, TCS is an internationally recognized company for its professional expertise in the IT industry.
Today we have initiated the program with six partner organizations from our network to start using the various features of the software that has been developed. It is envisaged that after a successful pilot, we will be able to extend it to all our partners across the districts of Mumbai, Thane and Raigad. This will tremendously increase our effectiveness and efficiency in capturing data, collating it and generating reports for analysis and impact assessments.
It will give CSA the facility of tracking the progress of its projects, identifying areas of concern that need urgent corrective action, and help us present accurate reports to stakeholders. It is indeed a day of great joy as the good work we have done for over 25 years, is now being upgraded with IT support. It will bring fresh zeal in  to our work.
This partnership of TCS and CS A also demonstrates a successful example of Corporate Social Responsibility in Action. We look forward to facilitating a just and humane society, with many more corporates following the example set by TCS