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You could see the smiles on the women’s faces as they walked home with new dustbins in their hands, a new determination to make Cleanliness a daily Celebration.

Sahayog Samaj Kendra, Chowk celebrated Women’s Day with a difference highlighting the need to make Cleanliness a daily habit and a health mantra – “Swatchat Manje Rojcha Sun, Nahitar Kayamche Aajarpan” (=“Cleanliness is a Daily Celebration or else it will become a Daily Affliction”). A total of 800 plus fisherfolk women were part of the celebration on Women’s Day 8th March, 2017 with Rt. Rev. Bishop John Rodrigues, the Chief Guest along with Dr. Tejaswani Lanjewar, MBMC – Health Department and the Local Corporator – Mrs. Helen Govind. People from every section of the community like the Police Patil, Village Patil, the Anganwadi Worker along with CSA and CCO Staff were present.

Women’s Day celebration was a mode of communicating this message and raising awareness on the issues of Health, Hygiene, Alcoholism, Inordinate Expenditure during festivals and Insufficient supply of drinking Water. This message was conveyed through a street play by the women depicting the meaning of Cleanliness and its ill effects on the community and the environment.

The entire event was planned and executed by the fisher folk women, members of the Core Committee of Chowk. There was a sense of accomplishment as the women felt that they have taken one step towards making their community not only a better place to live in but also a cleaner environment for the future.