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One WOMAN with courage is a majority!!!.This is what CSA aims to accomplish through their capacity building courses to strengthen capabilities and skills of people who have the ability and inclination to work for a social cause .

The students in the courses were referred by our partner organization most of which work at the grassroots level for eg self help groups, supplementary classes etc and some from a different back ground . On 20th April 2017, 67 women completed their capacity building course certified by CSA. There were woman who prepared research reports and presented their presentation in front of a large audience for the first time ever which was a very Huge achievement . There were also women who living in Mumbai for years together but had never travelled out of their own locality, after joining the course they took the initiative to not only travel out of their locality but also spoke in front of a huge crowd and completed their course. The empowered woman will now continue working for a social cause but with more confidence,knowledge and determination!!!!